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Another gem from our solar system the five seats and one lounger Venus hot tub provides an ultimate experience for 6 people at the same time. It has one ergonomic lounger and four seats along with 49 hydrotherapy jets and the latest in technical innovations combined with exceptional style.

The unique jet arrangements for neck and shoulder massage ensures optimum stress relief, while the MyHip™ jets provide professional waist and hip massage to break down body fats and to tone soft tissues. This model also includes a MySeat™ lounger which ensures exceptional comfort for different body sizes. Enjoying a Hot Tub or spa on a daily basis will bring many therapeutic benefits that include; promoting rapid healing of stressed or damaged muscles, relieving back and spine pain, and enjoying a deep and restful night’s sleep, to name just a few. Simply relax and enjoy the advantages of a MyLine Venus Hot Tub massage spa. Make our Venus yours!

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Dimensions 2150 × 2150 × 870 mm
Loungers / Seats 1 lounger/ 5 seats
Net weight (kg) / Water amount (l) 330 kg/1,450 l
Frame Impregnated solid wood
Opt. power requirement 3×16A 400V/50Hz
Min. power requirement* 1×25A 230V/50Hz
Total number of jets 49 pcs
Hydromassage pump 1 × 2 HP, double speed
1 × 2 HP, single-speed
Filtration 1 pc superfine paper filter
Water sanitization Ozone generator
Chromotherapy LED illumination 18 pcs exclusive LEDs
Sound system MyMusic™ 2.0
MyJet™ yes
MySeat™ yes
MyHip™ yes
Thermo cover yes

*In case of minimum power connection, the hot tub pump(s) and heating unit cannot be operated simultaneously.