How does a Wellis made spa save on your running costs?

#DidYouKnow that our spa’s shell is a technological triumph, we have developed an entirely eco-neutral Acrylic/Abs/polymer laminate system that results in a stronger, lighter, more stable, eco-friendly and ultimately bio degradable product? The Poli-max Reinforcement on our spas even self insulates for both heat and sound, significantly lowering running costs as well as making our spas probably the quietest as well as safest for your family you can buy.


Some benefits of POLI-MAX™ reinforced spa body:

– Highly effective sound insulation, probably the quietest spas available – Take a spa whenever it pleases you and it won’t annoy the neighbours!

– Highly effective heat insulation, which means a longer time between heating intervals = reduced electricity costs!

– Ecologically sound product, easily degradable, (unlike fibreglass it does not give off any hazardous Styrol gas). Thus, it is not classes as hazardous and meets all relevant EU standards.


Polyfoam insulation

Effective insulation is extremely important for hot tubs in order to reduce running costs to a minimum.The triple “Reflective Thermal Barrier” (RTB) insulation of Wellis spas utilises thermal gains from the spa’s equipment, collecting any waste heat energy and reflecting it back into the plumbing and shell, whilst keeping out the colder outer air.

We’ve even built out RTB system into our Thermal Spa covers which also have a special reflective foil coating beneath them to bounce rising heat back into the spa water. This integrated energy management system means Wellis Spas are exceptionally economical to own.

Many spa manufacturers still use discredited spray foam insulation whilst, a few still mount the spa equipment, actually outside the spa cabinet, beneath the steps. These old legacy systems are both outdated as well as expensive to run and damaging to our environment.

From this perspective, the triple insulation provided by Wellis ensures a complete solution to this situation. The inside of the cabinet – down to the floor and on the side walls – is covered with a thick layer of heat-reflecting foil for insulation, while the shell is coated with several layers of polyurethane foam (about one cm thick) which is well known for its very good thermal insulation properties.

The heat from the pumps and the heaters is reflected by the foil to the inside of the shell, in this way heating the pool cabinet and the water as well.

This unique and high-quality insulation type makes every Wellis hot tub extremely energy efficient, saving you a lot of money, and ensuring that your hot tub is operated in an environmentally friendly way.


· Very long lasting – Constant Lambda value*

· Safe non-toxic, non-allergen

· No condensation, no bacteria

· Clean, odourless material, no smell

· No fogging

· Flexible and light weight material

· Saves resources, very good insulation properties

· CFC free!

* The lambda value, (or 'K-value' or 'λ-value'), measures a product's thermal conductivity in units of W/m·K. A good insulation will have a constant as low a lambda value as possible to reduce heat loss.

Reinforced Moulded ABS Floor Pan

The insulated one-piece moulded floor pan forms the foundation upon which we build our spas. The pan sides extend upwards and form a moisture and insect proof barrier to protect the spas structure from the detrimental effects of damp ground.

Our reflective barrier insulation system extends across the floor pan to prevent valuable waste heat being drawn through the base by the “cold sink effect” that is created by damp ground.

Thermal Cover

We manufacture all our own covers to ensure consistent quality and the highest level of thermal insulation effectiveness. This helps to keep our customer’s energy costs to a minimum. Our covers include features like a full-length hinge buffer seal, internal vapour seal, and a marine grade UV resistant outer cover. The top surface slopes like a house roof so that rain can easily run off.