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So what exactly does a hot tub service consist of? Below is a guide to some of the steps we take when servicing your hot tub. Our individual packages are made up of different options, so feel free to discuss with us any additional items you may need addressing.

Hot Tub Service

Flush The Hot Tub Over a period of time, your hot tub will build up a layer of dirt & biofilm that will sit in the pipework. As part of routine maintenance it's advised to flush the hot tub to remove this foreign matter. We use a flushing agent to eliminate Biofilm plus other bacteria hiding within the hot tub pipework leaving the shell clean both externally & internally with a fresh fragrant scent. On the day of the service please leave the hot tub full of water. The engineer will add the flushing agent directly to the water and operate the hot tub for approximately 20 minutes followed by a full drain down of the hot tub to remove both the flushing agent and any foreign materials.

Check & Clean Filters It's vital to ensure you regularly check your hot tub filters to enable them to do their job properly. Keeping the filters clean is essential for clear filtration & the efficient running of the heater. A clean filter will be able to collect particles from the hot tub water as opposed to a blocked filter which would not. You also run the risk of a severely reduced flow rate with a blocked filter which could potentially damage your pumps. If you're a regular user of your hot tub, your filters will need changing more frequently, we recommend as a minimum aiming to change your filter every 3-6 months.

Check & Clean Jets Every effort is made to clear each individual water jet of grit & dirt to ensure that the jets can be moved freely and are as close to the original performance level as possible.

Check Pumps & Components For Abnormal Noise Spa components may be functioning normally but signs of deterioration can be detected by abnormal noise or movements. We will check for any abnormalities and advise accordingly.

Inspect & Tighten Unions There are many unions underneath each hot tub, loose unions will develop future leaks and issues with the functioning of the hot tub so it's important for them to inspected and tightened from time to time.

Check Internal Pipework For Leak & Kinks We will remove the cabinet sides and check for any leaks or kinks in the pipework.

Biofilm Elimination Biofilm is any group of bacteria & other micro-organisms that attach themselves to a solid surface that is in regular contact with water. These micro-organisms submerge themselves in a protective layer of slime that is resistant to sanitisers such as chlorine or bromine. Biofilm can carry bacteria such as legionella & E-Coli and grows in dark, warm water dominated areas. Biofilm inside the hot tub can create cloudy water, can give off odours & effect the performance of the hot tub so its vitally important biofilm is kept in check. It is important to service the hot tub where the internal parts are given a more severe clean.

Empty: Clean: Rinse: Vacuum We will drain the hot tub fully and then set about throughly cleaning the spa inside & out.

Check, Inspect & Clean The Cabinet It is always important to check & clean the cabinets as they make up the main part of the externals of the hot tub & they are always exposed to the changing outside weather.

Check & Clean The Spa Cover The thermal cover of a hot tub is essential as it not only protects the spa but acts as its main line of thermal insulation. These are expensive to replace so regular maintenance will certainly protect your pockets in the long run!

Refill Hot Tub with Fresh Water When we arrive we will immediately begin to fill our 2,000l water transfer bag using your hose pipe. Once we have completed the service the final step will involve refilling the hot tub. We will refill your hot tub with the fresh water and replace or re-fit the filters back into the housing. For properties with poor water pressure, we may have to leave the spa filling with the hose after we leave should the transfer bag not fill quickly enough.

Advice Customer On General Maintenance 
We will happy offer any guidance or advice on chemicals and general hot tub related question you may have during the service or any other time. On the day we will also have a full stock of chemicals with us should you require any consumables i.e. chlorine, ph+, ph-, chemical floaters etc - Feel free to also ask us in advance if theres any specific products you'd like us to bring on the day from our showroom.

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