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Frequently Asked Questions - Solo Stove

Product Usage & Care
Q: Will my Solo Stove fire pit be hot when in use?

A: You can count on your Solo Stove to keep you warm on a chilly day, but don’t forget that all the warmth comes from a very hot surface! The outer walls of your fire pit can get up to 1000 degrees once your fire starts, and should cool completely before you handle your Solo Stove. It is best to wait a full 1-3 hours before handling your fire pit. Placing your Solo in your existing fire pit, tailor made DIY surround, or below-ground pit is a great way to make your backyard fire a safe and inviting space. For inspiration, look no further than our online community.

Q: Can I use a Solo Stove fire pit on my deck?

A: When paired with the Stand, you can use our fire pits on a wooden deck safely. The very bottom rim of your Solo Stove is actually the coolest part of the unit, so a little insulation between your Solo and the surface it will rest on goes a long way. You can find more information on the Stand and the surfaces it can be placed on here. We also offer a spark arresting shield for extra protection against popping embers that might find their way in places they don't belong. Be cautious when using a fire pit on a heat sensitive surface and do not leave fire pit unattended.

Q: Can I cook over a Solo Stove fire pit?

A: Yes! Our Fire Pit Cooking System is designed to inspire all kinds of open-fire cooking experiences. Recreate your favorite campfire meals right in the backyard, or take it with you to the campground.

Q: What kinds of firewood do you recommend?

A: The beauty of Solo Stove is that our fire pits and camp stoves are made to light with all kinds of fuels and starters. Split wood, composite logs, and peat are all going to help create the perfect flame. Look to kiln-dried or seasoned hardwoods like Hickory, Oak, Maple, or Birch for your best burn yet. The low-moisture and low-resin quality of these species will have you lounging by the fire for uninterrupted hours of good fun and meaningful moments.

Q: Can I store a Solo Stove fire pit outside?

A: Solo Stove fire pits can be stored outside with an appropriate weather cover. Check out Solo Stove Shelter,an outdoor weather cover designed specifically for use with a Solo Stove fire pit. Otherwise, our products should be stored in a cool, dry location. Prolonged exposure to harsh weather will likely increase rust and discoloration.

Q: How do I clean a Solo Stove fire pit or camp stove?
A: After the fire pit is cool, turn it upside down to empty any remaining ash. You can also use a shop vacuum. If you want to clean the outside of the fire pit, use a dry cloth and a non-abrasive cleanser such as Bar Keepers Friend.

Q: Can I use wood pellets in a Solo Stove fire pit?
A: Most wood pellets are small enough to slip through the holes in your Base Plate, and it is important that the fuel you choose remain above the Base Plate for the best smokeless experience. When you’re creating a smokeless flame, your best choice is kiln dried or seasoned hardwood for the longest and cleanest burn.
Can I use a Solo Stove fire pit in an existing stone fire pit?

Our fire pits will make a strong and smokeless blaze with adequate airflow to support secondary combustion. Placing your Solo Stove in your existing fire pit, tailor made DIY surround, or below-ground pit is a great way to make the backyard fire an inviting hearth. Just 3 or more inches of space around the exterior wall of the Solo Stove and any ring or surround will give plenty of airflow to your fire so you can keep creating good moments.