Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between 13Amp and 32Amp Hot Tubs?

13Amp Hot Tubs
13Amp models in most cases will have 1 x 2 speed pump and a smaller heater (usually 2kw). These models will not run the heater and the pump at the same time, meaning over the course of your bathing time you may notice a temperature drop. This is how the spa has to run in order to keep power usage to a minimum to stay on a 13Amp plug. Plug & Play Spa's are a great and convenient alternative to 32Amp spa's and can be swapped with an inflatable spa with no hassle or work involved.
32Amp Hot Tubs
32Amp models will have at least 2 pumps and a larger heater (usually 3kw), which can work simultaneously, meaning that there will be less heat loss when in use. The larger heater will also help to maintain the temperature far better during the colder months. A 32Amp installation requires a dedicated 32Amp RCD to be installed in your home fuse box and armoured cable routed to where the spa will be installed. If you need an electrician we do have a trusted qualified electrician that we can recommend so please give us a call on 01782 638742 and we can put you in touch. 

What do I need to do in preparation for my hot tub?

When you order a hot tub, it is your responsibility to provide a suitable base and electrical connection cabling. For information on how to prepare the area please refer to your pre-delivery guide. Not had a pre-delivery guide? Please call 01782 638742 and we will send you one over straight away.

Will I need a crane to install my Hot Tub?
Not every home is equipped with wide access, some properties have no access at all. In these cases a crane can be used to lift the hot tub into position, whether that is over a fence, hedge or your whole house!

Not sure where to hire a crane from? No problem, we will arrange the crane hire and liaise with the crane company for you to take away any hassle.

As a general rule, for standard non-crane installs we will need 1m wide access to get your tub into your garden, with an unrestricted 1m wide run to the location where the tub will be installed.  If the tub needs to go around any corners, we will need a 2.5m turning circle.  We cannot lift hot tubs over walls and fences, and we cannot carry the tub up large flights of steps, although a few small steps here and there aren't a problem.  If you're unsure of your access, please just send us some photos and we'll be able to tell you if you'll need a crane or not.

No matter the property, there is always a method of installing your hot tub, so don't be put off by your lack of access.

How much does a hot tub cost to run?
This is a difficult one because there are lots of different factors that affect running costs (how often you use the spa, outside temperature, electrical tariff, location of the hot tub). You may see claims from some companies of “under £1 per day” running costs but this is likely being calculated purely on just the cost of keeping the water hot, without considering initial start-ups and running any of the jet pumps. This can be a little misleading as if you want to use the hot tub your running costs will obviously exceed this and is impossible to determine the exact cost without knowing how often the hot tub will be used.

Therefore, we’d rather have a more honest conversation with you pre-sale that doesn’t leave you confused about your running costs later on down the line.

Our hot tubs also come with a luxury lockable cover to provide maximum insulation.

How often should I change my filter/s?
To ensure you get the most out of your filter we recommend that you remove, clean and allow the filter to dry naturally every 2 weeks. This process will prolong the life of the filter and ensure with each use it is performing to its optimum capacity. It is highly advised that you buy a spare filter with your tub so you have a “wash and a wear”, this makes the routine of swapping and cleaning so much simpler.

Using this practise filters should be replaced with new ones on an annual basis to ensure peak performance.

Why is my water going cloudy?
Cloudy water in most cases is down to lack of chlorine in your spa, if your chlorine levels are OK then it is likely there are lots of small particles in your water which are making it look cloudy, simply add an oxidiser or shock treatment to solve. This will then be cleared up once the spa is filtering. No shock at home? No problem, we stock non-chlorine shock in our showroom.

How often do I need to test the water in my hot tub?
We recommended that you test your water every day, if not every other day in order to keep your spa safe for you and your family. The more you use your hot tub the more you will need to test and adjust your chemical balance. 

How often do I need to add chlorine to my hot tub?
It is good practise to add a small amount of chlorine to your spa after every use to top up your chlorine level. Chlorine is a form of sanitiser, when you use the spa, you use that sanitiser. By adding a teaspoon of chlorine after each use you will be replacing what you have just used, meaning you will always have a good level of sanitiser in the spa at all times.

How long does a hot tub take to heat up?
Depending on outside temperature your spa will take between 10-14 hours to achieve a set temperature of 38 degrees. On a cold day it will take much longer than a warmer day, either way your spa will be ready to use the very next day after it is installed.

When should I drain my hot tub?
You should be draining your spa down every 3-4 months at the very minimum. However, you can half dilute your water more frequently than this for less down time if you can't be without your spa for 10-14 hours whilst it heats back up.

For your spas drainage procedure please refer to your owners manual or give our showroom a call on 01782 638742.

How often should I have my hot tub serviced?
We highly recommend having your spa serviced annually. It is not mandatory, however it is important in order to help extend the life of your hot tub and reduce putting the entire system under unnecessary stress. By having your hot tub professionally cleaned and flushed you are going to avoid any problems caused by build up in your pipework, allowing your spa to run and perform as it should. 

I have a problem with my spa, what should I do?
Call 01782 638742 and let us know what is wrong and we can advise / arrange a call out to take a look. 

More questions?
If you have any unanswered questions or need any advice please give us a call on 01782 638742.