Pool cover RioGrande Rollcover BlackTex

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Pool cover RioGrande Rollcover BlackTex

UV-resistant, durable in all weather conditions, black AdvTex material. Roll-up structure provides easy access to the Swim Spa pool. It can be secured with a number lock at several points, and is available in the exact size designed for the given pool.

The photo of the cover just for illustration.

Size: 6m x 2.35m

Please enquire for delivery and installation outside of Staffordshire & Cheshire

Revolutionize Your Spa with These Advantages:

Effortless Access:

Say goodbye to the hassle of heavy spa covers. Our lightweight roll covers ensure quick and easy access to your swim spa, making your relaxation time truly stress-free.

Crafted for Excellence:

Our covers are made from Blacktex material, the same high-quality fabric used for our new spa covering solutions, guaranteeing unmatched durability and resistance to wear and tear.

Energy Efficient:

Our covers lock in heat and provide good insulation, keeping your spa warm more efficiently.

Safety and Security:

Designed with your safety in mind, each cover comes with a lockable feature to secure your spa, providing peace of mind alongside ease of use.

Tailored to Fit:

Our covers are custom-made to match the dimensions of your swim spa perfectly. Whether you have an indoor or outdoor setup, our roll covers fit seamlessly, offering convenience and styles!


Key Features at a Glance:
 Durable, lockable, and built to last in any weather condition.
 UV protected to ensure longevity and maintain appearance.
 Easy to roll off in less than 60 seconds, simplifying your spa experience.
 Compatible with optional shelf brackets for enhanced functionality.