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Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the ‘Original’ Chill Tub is designed to deliver unmatched performance, durability, and style. With its impressive features and luxurious aesthetics, it redefines the concept of post-workout rejuvenation.

This stainless steel ice bath tub features a stylish black aluminium surround. Added to this is the Ozone filtration system to clean your water and a modern composite top to ensure the Chill Tub fits seamlessly into any environment.

There is also no need to add ice. Saving you time and money. You can set the temperature as low as 3 degrees. 

Maintaining your Chill Tub is easy, too. With a filter change only required every 3 months, and a water change every 8–12 weeks (depending on usage). Start your cold tub journey today.

Some of the many benefits of using the Chill Tub include:

Soreness relief: Cold water immersion constricts blood vessels and reduces inflammation, leading to less muscle soreness.

Quicker recovery: By reducing muscle soreness, the Chill Tub can help athletes recover faster and be ready for their next workout or competition.

Inflammation reduction: Cold water immersion may help reduce inflammation in the body, providing relief for those with chronic inflammation or inflammatory conditions such as arthritis.

Improved circulation: Cold water immersion stimulates blood flow and improves circulation, which can aid in recovery and decrease the risk of injury 

This Chill Bath Includes

  • 3 years warranty
  • Insulation Cover & Cover Holder
  • Chemical Kit